Video Management Software

When it comes to video surveillance, video analysis and video management, the scalable and extremely powerful SeeTec application is the recommended solution. Developed by CONVISION partner SeeTec AG in Philippsburg, Germany – the leading vendor of horizontal manufacturer-neutral video management software (VMS) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as one of the world market leaders –, SeeTec is used for building, industrial site and city surveillance, environment monitoring, license plate recognition and people counting.


SeeTec comprises various basic systems and options that can be added as the requirements increase. This means that the experience gained with a software system capable of handling thousands of cameras is readily available even in small or medium-sized installations – an invaluable advantage for users.

SeeTec Cayuga, the next product generation, was launched on the world market in fall 2013. Using SeeTec Cayuga, small, medium-sized as well as very large installations can be implemented with redundant recording servers. On request, PCS will provide the SeeTec package fully installed and set up on a CONVISION NVS (Network Video Server) saving you time and money.

SeeTec Cayuga combines all the features to be desired in an advanced video management system:

  • Simple and straightforward setup of cameras and/or video encoders
  • Fast configurability of multi-camera views
  • Sophisticated security concept to meet data protection requirements
  • Definition of private zones and graying out of moving objects
  • Excellent reliability and scalability
  • Windows, Web, and Mobile Client for Android and iOS
  • Integrability with corporate networks via OPC to control center, SNMP, SMTP
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Support for a wide variety of camera models from all the market-leading manufacturers
  • Upgrade options including modules for video analysis, license plate recognition and people/vehicle counting

The system is certified according to the German Accident Prevention Regulations (UVV-Kassen) and thus approved for the use in banks.

Video analysis
SeeTec video analysis is configured per camera on top of the corresponding SeeTec basic package. Using video analysis, the number of false alarms due to snow, rain or shadows in outdoor areas can be considerably reduced.

Virtual tripwires greatly enhance motion detection compared to the traditional method exclusively based on pixel changes and also support direction-dependent detection. Fewer false alarms mean that the security personnel’s attention is not distracted from those events that are really important.  

In addition to the solutions described above, special industry packages based on SeeTec are available.


SeeTec logistics solution
Seamless consignment tracking from goods receipt to goods issue through integration with the inventory control or warehouse management system.

SeeTec retail solution
Superimposing the receipt on the video image documenting the payment process ensures better protection against inventory differences.



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