Turbo HD brings 4K video to analog systems with coax or 2-wire

The new Power over Coax technology for maintaining existing analog cabling, now with higher video performance, increased compression efficiency and longer transmission distances. Analog CCTV users can now enjoy HD video resolution while protecting their investment in existing cabling infrastructure. The new Turbo HD technology not only ensures higher video performance with 2MP HDTVI input and 4K video output, but also supports latency-free 1080p HD video up to 800m and HD720p transmission up to 1200m via coaxial cable.

The advantages at a glance:

1080p Full HD TVI and 4K video performance
H.264 + compression technology
Up to 1200m HD transmission via coaxial cable or 2-wire
Easy installation with Power-over-Coax (PoC)
8- / 16 channel HD TVI video recorder for additional
2 IP cameras and HDMI output for up to 4K resolution

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