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Video Server

Convision's IP video servers stand for reliable, flexible and easy to handle video monitoring and recording solutions for small, medium and large projects of various types of applications. Convision provides decentralized server topology. In existing networks as well as in separately driven security-networks the IP video servers can be easily integrated. A network-traffic is produced only during the "online-session" while selecting the server, in order to view live-images resp. to record images or to maintain the system. Thus, the Intranet remains mostly unloaded.

For the installation and operation of all IP video servers, hybrid servers and encoders no further software is necessary. Only the standard Internet Explorer has to be used. The recording server are network video recorder, where you can add just keyboard, mouse and display to use them as surveillance and recording system.

are a combination of MJPEG encoder and recording system for analog cameras.

CONVISION H.264-Encoder
are H.264 encoder without recording feature and can be used for the integration of one or four analog cameras in an IP network.

CONVISION Network Video Server
are compact preconfigured recording server for up to 32 CONVISION IP cameras.